About Us

Pine Street Baptist Churchlocated at 1025 Pine Street 

We exist  for Five Specific Reasons that represent the churches core values.

The first reason Pine Street Baptist Church exists is to help people find an Authentic Faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that an authentic faith is not found in some religious denomination. We believe there is only one place an authentic faith can be found and that is in the human heart. It is found in the person who recognizes and admits that apart from Christ's death on the cross, there is no forgiveness for their sins. This is a person who recognizes that unless he repents of his sins and accepts by faith the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, there is no cleansing from sin. Therefore we believe that an authentic faith is based upon the fact that Jesus Christ has changed your life, transformed your life and the fruit of salvation is coming through your life.

The second reason we exist is to help families become Strong Families.  We exist to teach a husband and a wife what it means to submit to God so they can submit to one another.  We exist to teach children what it means to honor their father and mother so they can live a blessed life. We exist to teach our young people the importance of proper sexual behavior.  We exist to teach young couples seeking to get married that marriage is a lifetime commitment. We exist to counsel and help people know and understand the value of living a God-fearing and godly life. We believe that an authentic faith coupled with strong family units is the way to build a brighter future for tomorrow.

The third reason we exist is to develop our members into a Loving and Compassionate people. We believe love is an action not a statement. Therefore we seek to put love into action as a church by meeting the perceived needs of our community and the world at large. Our love and compassion is demonstrated by the fact that we are a church on mission reaching out to all people, not just a select few. Our love and compassion is demonstrated by the fact that we understand we are all sinners saved by grace. Our love and compassion is demonstrated in our attitude towards one another, an attitude that must reflect the very attitude that Christ has towards us. The mission of Pine Street Baptist Church is global because the need for loving and compassionate people is global.
The fourth reason we exist is to help people become Empowered Disciples. We believe that every single person is important to the success of our church family. Therefore, we seek to help people discover their spiritual gift so they can effectively serve the Lord as a member of this church family. Thus we are empowering disciples to live out the truth of God's Word in community and fellowship with one another so that we can display, as a church, God's love and compassion for the people of Berwick and Northeast Pennsylvania.
The fifth reason we exist is to build into the DNA of our church and our community Unified Relationships. We cannot accomplish the mission of being an ambassador for Christ without being a unified body of believers'. We understand that without unity we cannot reach our community or our world with the message of God's love for all mankind. This is who we are and this is our purpose.